11 Instagram Marketing Tips 2021

Instagram Marketing Tips 2021

Instagram Marketing Tips 2021 that Really works

With a whopping 1 billion monthly active users Instagram is the 17 largest website rank by Alexa. In the fast-changing online world of 2021, this Instagram guide helps you to achieve your goals in a faster way.

1.Make Content UNIQUE
There are thousands or even lakhs of Instagram businesses in your niche, but whats makes your Instagram marketing different? Yes, the Content. Creating engaging content in 2021 is not easy due to a lot of competition on Instagram. Make sure you develop your unique style that perfectly blends with your niche.
 Being original is always have the upper hand on Social Networks like Instagram.

2.Follow / Unfollow strategy. Don’t do this
Follow an Instagram account and get followed back and unfollow it afterwords, known as Follow/unfollow method.
Many beginners fall for this follow/unfollow Instagram strategy for growth and because of obvious reasons :

It is easy to apply.
It is a fast way to increase followers.

But there is a catch, the followers you gained from this method not last for long. People usually unfollow you after you did the same.
And even the remaining ones will not be engaged with you on Instagram.
It is better to connect with people in exchange for valuable content and not for some number.

3.Do does not post too much.
Creating Images and videos and upload them is the first step for Instagram Marketing. But how many posts are good enough to achieve your goals. Well, there is no perfect number for it. It depends on your niche or the behavior of your Instagram Followers. Usually, 3-4 uploads in a day is enough for most of the time.
Uploading too many posts affects you negatively because it diminishes the quality of your posts.
Secondly, if your followers only will find you on their Instagram Feed, they will unfollow you in no time.

4.Make your theme
In simple words making a theme for your Instagram account means making a unique template that similar to all your Instagram posts. It helps you to create a unique image of your account in the mind of your followers.
It also helps to save time as you do not need to spend too much time on design.

5.Take shoutouts from Micro-Influencers
Who are Micro-Influencers?
 Micro-Influencers are not celebrities with millions of followers. They usually have 5000 – 100000 followers and have expertise in their niche. They are authentic in style.

 Why Micro-Influencers?
 Micro-Influencers are helpful to reached more audiences at an affordable price. Product-based ( FMCG and Movable goods) are mainly collaborated with Micro-Influencers to promote their products.

 How to Find Micro-Influencers?
 You can find Micro-Influencers by searching #hashtags related to your niche.
 Bloglovin.com is the website where you find bloggers, some of them are maybe influencers.

6.Ask more in Instagram stories

Instagram Story is a place where people post about moments of their day to day lives and the stuff they see on Instagram posted by others. Their Instagram Stories also reflect what they care about and what their personalities are.
 For Instagram Marketing, Instagram Story is a tool you should use to engage with your audiences and understand their preferences and tastes. You can ask almost anything in stories with the help of widgets/stickers given on Instagram and optimize accordingly

7.Do giveaways

Giveaways Contests or just Giveaways is the trendy Instagram marketing strategy in 2021.
Small or big, Brands of all types organize them even Influencer do Giveaways with their merchandise.
Brands that do Giveaways grow 70 times faster than those who do not on Instagram. They also improve brand popularity and audience engagement.
Steps to do giveaways
select the product for the prize.
make terms and conditions for the contest.
set your goal.
fix the time limit for entries.
Start and advertise the Giveaway contest.

8.Tools make Instagram Marketing easy
Manages the Instagram handles is quite a hectic task that consumes a lot of time and need proper scheduling. Isn’t great to take some help and automate some work?
 These are a few tools that can work for you:

Buffer (freemium )
 Hootsuite (freemium)
 Tailwind (freemium)
 Photerloo’s Instagram Hashtag App (FREE)

9.Use Instagram #Hashtags Smartly

The first social media hashtag had been introduced by a Twitter user in 2007. Instagram posts with hashtags grow 12.5% more than one without Hashtags.
 Hashtags are essential for Instagram Marketing Strategy because they categorize similar Content across Instagram. Ideally, you should use 30 Hashtags in one Instagram post.
 The best way to find good hashtags is the A/B testing method. You may also take inspiration from your competitor’s successful Hashtags.

10.Learn IG Insights as Early as Possible

Instagram Insights is an inbuilt analytics tool provided by Instagram to measure and track the performance of your Instagram account and the individual post. You must have a Business Instagram account to use it.

These are the features of IG Insights you can leverage.

Demographics include the age and Gender information of your audiences.

2.Major locations:
Location information of the audience helps in posting schedule and also in content improvement.

3. Track the growth rate of your account:
Tracking the growth rate of your account is an essential part of Planning for future Instagram management.

11. Make Instagram Reels for faster growth

Instagram Reels is the newest feature of Instagram it allows you to create and find short entertaining videos of 15 secs.
Instagram gives a push to the user those are creating reels videos for promoting their new feature.
It’s an easy way to reach Generation Z as itis popular with young people.
These are few Instagram tips you can start your 2021 Instagram Journey.

Article on Instagram Marketing Tips 2021 – Written by – Fardeen Hussain – (Intern)

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