7 Awesome Marketing Best Practices for IT Companies

It’s crystal and clear that The Information Technology Industry is growing at Lightning Speed. If you’re in charge of marketing of any IT company, it’s never too late now is the time to take advantage.

To understand better we’ll break down into simple form

  • The marketing challenges faced by IT companies here after 2021.
  • Why you need a real B2B Marketing Strategy
  • 12 Awesome marketing best practices for IT firms

Explosive Information Tech Industry Growth and What it means for your Business

The IT industry is very big – really it’s very big. And it’s growing lightning speed – really lighting speed.

It is estimated that the global IT industry will grow by 5.4 % this year reaching a values of $6.9 trillion for 2021.

That’s pretty impressive.

But what does it means for your business?

That creates Hyper competition

Hyper competition: There are a lot of companies around the globe trying to do what you do. That makes it difficult to get in front of the right tech buyers at the right message, you will succeed. But you need to get there before your competitors.

So, we have to know

 How do you get ahead of the competition and take advantage of the opportunity?

Drumroll, please…

You need marketing for you IT Company!

Is it Sounds simple enough? A few product broachers, a tradeshow or two, a couple social media posts, and you’re pretty much good too, right?


Why your IT Business Needs a Real B2B Marketing Strategy

Marketing IT Products and Services today is much more difficult than ever a few years ago.


More Complex Products and Services: Thanks to emerging technologies and customers’ demands, Information Technology is more complicated the ever before.

New Buyers Personas: According to the recent survey around 58% of industry leaders report that multiple departments influence IT spending.

It’s important to remember, too, that digital marketing is a priority for your competitors. The same survey reveals that, for 65% of tech industry leaders, the top two priorities to achieve positive business growth at the end of 2021 are:

Reaching to new customers

Picking up new business from existing clients

And both of these required what? You guessed it!

It’s nothing but Effective IT Marketing.

So, how, exactly, do you “do” Digital Marketing for IT Companies?

Glad you asked!

7 Awesome Marketing Best Practices for IT Companies

Information Technology Leads Generation

Information Technology Marketing

Information Technology Marketing Strategy

Information Sales Leads

Internet of Things Marketing Strategy

Telecom Marketing Strategy

B2B2 Marketing Strategy

# 1: Information Technology Leads Generation

We guide IT Companies improve their sales pipeline by generating qualified leads and sale opportunities. We will stand by the companies to overcome challenges with growth through Digital Marketing.

Wait! Don’t get scared off.

Digital Marketing is scalable, easily measured and less expensive than traditional leads generation methods. Even though most of the IT companies struggle to generate qualified leads using Digital Marketing.

  • Research Your Marketplace& Buyers
  • Understand Your Competition
  • Understand Your Target Audience

#2:Information Technology Marketing

It’s vital to create content, websites, marketing complains, messaging, advertising, the Content marketing & messaging that differentiates IT Companies. We help IT companies create targeted, data – driven content to fill their sales opportunity pipelines.

  • Build a killer website
  • Create content. Lots of content

#3: Information Technology Marketing Strategy

We are specialized in it. Hi- Tech technology, SaaS and B2B enterprise leads generation. We help clients improve conversion rate, increase sales opportunities, generate qualified leads and nurture sales.

We can help out in creating Websites, Inbound Marketing, B2B leads generation, Targeted advertising, Content Strategy, Social Media and SEO.

#4: Information Technology Sales Leads

This should be a no – brainer for a Tech Company

But you would be surprised at the number of ugly, non – converting websites out there in the industry.

We should not be one of them

Our website should create the impression potential customers

We have to make a good one

And we have to make sure our website Design and UX, SEO, Think Mobile First and Accessibility are the key elements right.

#5: Internet of Things Marketing Agency

These days the emerging connected ecosystem is a critical growth channel for enterprises and a market of opportunity. Differentiation is essential in this marketplace. We create content for all phases of the buying journey. Content play crucial role in both long form and short form.

Marketing automation tools let you eliminate wasteful, manual processes. They take care of things like Automated E-Mail sends Analytics and Campaign Tracking, Social Media Management, Lead Scoring, and Segmentation.

The right marketing technologies allows you to gather data on everything you do.

Means you can actually measures the ROI of your website, content, and campaigns.

The google loves Content. The more you create the more keywords you will rank for. That means more traffic and more leads.

#6: Telecom Marketing Strategy

Lead generations for telecom earn the attention of prospects which increases brand visibility and convert prospects to customers. We design short to long-term marketing plans and fully execute marketing efforts in partnership with telecom companies.

Send out useful weekly or monthly calls to stay top in mind.

Build targeted campaigns with your sales and success teams to offer new products / services or upsell what you already have.

It’s a whole lot easier to retain your existing clients than it is to acquire new ones.

#7: B2B Marketing Strategy

Before you roll your eyes, let’s clarify.

B2B influences are not type you teenagers who follows on Instagram.

Influencers for Tech marketing are speakers at industry events and sources for influential publications.

These are the people you need to rub elbows with whenever you get the chance to publish about our company

By just mention of our company’s name by a true influencer can be huge. It will expand brand awareness and likely drive leads and new clients.

Influencers are especially powerful in IT sector. In this space buyers are keen to take the advice of experts to help them make the right purchasing decision.

Information Technology Company Marketing: The Bottom Line

Keeping up with a fast paced IT industry is tough when we compared to 1990’s. You need more than just broachers and tradeshow booths. Day by it is becoming tough for marketing IT companies.

We have to try out many different marketing techniques as you can. Measure and analyse you results. Then we have to try out some more

Do your best to follow these steps, reach out for help when you need it. And you will be well on your way to mastering the art of marketing for IT companies

Article on – 7 Awesome Marketing Best Practices for IT Companies – written by Pradhyumna Kumar (Intern)

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