Affiliated Marketing

Meaning: Affiliated marketing or Internet Marketing or performance market form of marketing that is based on online Selling or Business merchants through promotion. Which help user to make money online .

Nowadays , More people is spending a lot of time on its smartphone. Due to this people attracted more towards the online shopping.Digital Advertisement is playing a very crucial role in this online shopping and this could done by the affiliate people. The affiliate market secondary way of income in this digital world.

Affiliate Marketing

What are the pros and cons of Affiliated marketing?


  • They allow you to quick work with thousands of merchants with one profile.
  • You don’t need of marketing experience.
  • It is way of passive income
  • It is really a quick way to offer a product and service without having to create your own product or service
  • Anyone can join this program if they want to work part time
  • By spending 2 hours or 3 hours people can do this job.


  • It is competitive in market because more people are joins this.
  • Blogger have less control over the product, service
  • There is chance of more scams in this market because the product , A  blogger promote might be different of products. There is chance of scam in product

How People can join this affiliate program :

  • Person need to decide the platform where he want to promote the product
  • Then , You can find affiliate  program that may be high paying, high volume, High paying Low volume and low paying high volume according to that candidate can join this program.
  • Candidate need to crate website or blog
  • After successfully registration of website candidate can choose affiliate programs and they can make an account in which they asks to fill the Name, Mobile number, and website
  • When the website is confirmed by seller user get confirmation if on its Email.

Affiliate Marketing if offered by many e commerce industry which are following:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart indiapvt. Ltd
  • eBay ………

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