App Marketing

App Marketing

App Marketing is basically brings a whole new range of concerns to the table and data concepts. We are familiar with revenue and its velocity .In the app marketing we included app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost- per- download and the store optimization.

We directly focus on the KPIs specific for our marketing. We will touch  on my traditional marketing which is using as a app marketing such that App Store Optimization and paid advertising.

Mobile App marketing is one dedicated marketing only a small percentage of their marketing budget(sometimes less than one percent) to this tactic. Now, in an ‘Age of Mobile’, apps are a powerful marketing tool ,It requires a greater allocation of marketing resources. Consumers wish to receive location -based alerts on their mobile phones and laptops. leveraged to drive app downloads, Engage mobile users and retain those users who have already downloaded an app variety of marketing activities .

Entrepreneur or company launching an app needs to do at the various stages of developing , launching and growing the audience of a mobile app. We have divided this article into the chronological  building and launching  an app. Each of these mobile app marketing activites can more or less be done sequentially .

Social selling is one of the powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

There are approximately  2.4 million brand- related conversations every single day.

The word of Mouth Marketing Association reports that in the United States. People frequently talk about the products and services they enjoys, and the companies who offers them.

It essential to incorporate referral programs into your mobile app development  process of data points. Incentivize your users to invite their friends, family , work colleagues and others associates to use the app.In terms of the development , this functionality should be embedded in your app natively. Integrate it with services that allow you to send the app over text messages and social plateforms like whatsapp, facebook Messangers,Gchat,  telegram etc.

The great example of an app that rewards their users with a built -in referral program  is Ibotta .It is a smartphone app that earns users cash back on in-store and mobile purchases by scanning the receipt.

You earn $5 ,for every person you refer to their app. You’ll receive the bonus payment when your referrals scan their first receipt from their cash back purchase. Plus, your referrals also earn $10 for signing up. And gets a gift vouchers of myntra , flipkart, swiggy etc.

We need to have the analytics framework in place to know how our apps performs .Integrated with standard analytics software development kits(SDKs) such as Google Analytics and AppsFlyer or even our partners at Mixpanel.

Understand your customer attitudes and make them feel valued .

The more ratings you get, higher rank in App and Play Store- which is the most amazing way to get free publicity and marketing.

Conclusion, an app  for any marketing is not a one and done deal.  Use  of feedback from users and improve it over time and gives better results. And for that , make sure it implement analytics.

After the launch with reviews sites, award and analytics – based changes.

  Written By- Deepika

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