Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Artificial Intelligence in 2021

The future is all about “AI”. Initial days we, As Human Kind used to depend on computers and now most of us rely on “Artificial intelligence” and it can create anything once it is invented and Demonstrated one such example is a robot. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss more Artificial Intelligence and its pros and cons and few case studies.

What is Artificial Intelligence and How this plays a significant role in our lives: Artificial Intelligence is a technique of getting machines to work and behave like humans. Many industries like Healthcare, Business Analytics, Marketing, and robotics have already started using Artificial intelligence and to get a better understanding let us take an example of auto-correction when we want to type something because of its functionality you can see that in automatic suggestions. Few examples of AI are Google maps, Face recognition, text editor, Chatbot, Social media platforms, E-payment, etc

2021, Is all about AI right from smartphones, Social Media platforms to Smart homes and we started depending on them and that’s how it impacted us so much. Compare to us their IQ levels as high so, that is the reason we are relying on artificial intelligence if this goes on like this we may lose job opportunities and everything works on artificial intelligence.

here are few statements how AI was defined by famous personalities

  • Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines – John Mccarthy
  • Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines smart – Demis Hassabis
  • Artificial Intelligence is an intelligent machine” – Google’s Avinash Kumar
  • Artificial Intelligence is getting computers to do tasks that would normally require human intelligence – Deloitte
  • Artificial Intelligence is anything that makes machines act more intelligently – IBM

Now you got a brief idea about Artificial intelligence and here are few case studies where we can get to know more about AI.lets go bit by bit.

Case studies of Artificial Intelligence :

1.Google deep mind has created Alpha go,

2.Facebook created Robot named Alice and bob later it was dismantled.

3.IBM created Watson AI

4.Samsung has created a Robot name called Sophia and this is very famous compared to others.

Also, an AI-created music album called Juckdeck Now you came to its ability.

Pro’s and cons: Artificial Intelligence in 2021 is the most intelligent platform where we can use in any industry, reduction in human error and crime rate can decrease because of its predictable nature and high IQ and faster decisions But we might also face many problems in the future if this goes on and few famous personalities have also said that “AI is a threat to humans”.

and during the demonstration of bob and Alice, they both have created a different language and started talking to themselves because of that reason Facebook has dismantled as a sign of danger.

Likewise, we can see more advanced technology is coming in the future but we are not sure whether is a boon or ban for us in utilizing “AI”.Hope we’ve covered few facts and case studies about AI and how much it plays an important role in our lives.

Article on – Artificial Intelligence in 2021 – Written by – Varsha Parupalli (Intern)

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