Digital marketing trends

Re-think Digital Marketing

The health crisis in 2020 has transformed the world of marketing by leaps and bounds. An increase in digitization has brought several changes in the way marketers have to channelize their efforts. Tactics that used to yield good results in the past might not work well in the current scenario. It is time to revisit marketing strategies and keep oneself updated with the need of the hour.

Digital marketing trends

Here is a list of the latest digital marketing trends that is sure to re-shape the future of digital marketing.

Power of Voice

As per recent reports, about 50% of the searches will be via Voice by the end of 2020. Marketers need to tap the first driver opportunity by creating content that can be optimized by voice and incorporate smart speaker devices into their content to create brand awareness. With Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant already making their place among the audiences it is time to incorporate the same not just for making searches but also in the field of e-commerce and sales.

Personalized Content

It is no longer enough to change names in your Email Marketing content to draw customer’s attention. Businesses need to keep in mind that brands need to build trust with the customers and make sure they feel special. With increased data collection and insights from Social Media handles it is easier for marketers to hyper-personalize products and services to fit the customers’ tastes and choices.

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencers candeliver engaging content to drive the social buzz and helpbusinesses grow faster. With a very loyal follower base, they can advocate for a product or service for higher leads. As per reports, more than 61% of the population trust social media influencers before buying a product or service.

Video marketing

Visuals tend to have an easier grasp over customers’ attention than written content. As studies suggest 85% of people are likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Making an engaging video with the right caption and keyword is sure to attract more views and increase engagement and create more business.

Use of AI Chatbots

With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, customers can get in touch with the business at just a click. AI Chatbot is one of the most convenient and useful customer satisfaction tools for enhancing customer experience and guaranteeing income to the business. Recent studies say that the Chatbot market will see an upward development from $703.3 Million in 2016 to an astounding $3,172 Million by 2021. AI Chatbots are structured in a manner to keep track of past conversations, this makes the bot know about customer preferences to subsequently make engaging conversation in the future that is sure to keep the user satisfied.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2020

With 40% of the world population active on social media, it can be aptly said social media marketing is here to stay! It is a faster way to gain more traffic to your site and deliver content to customers. As businesses grow it is important to maintain a decent engagement ratio with your audience. A well planned social media campaign can use insights from social media handles of prospective customers to strikean engaging conversation about the products and service that you offer and smoothly take them down to the sales funnel. Need a faster way to promote your advertisement? Social Media ads are here to give a kick a give start to your business. Being such an effective channel social media can manage the stats of who can view your ads keeping your content visible to prospective customers only.


To sum up it can be said that digital marketing tends post-COVID mostly include top-notch Personalisation, Employee Engagement, Visual Content and Automation.  As marketing has moved beyond just about convincing customers to buy products and services it is now more about creating brand loyalty and making them feel that the brand is worth every penny spent.

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