Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email has made marketing an easy tusk over time. Imagine the ability to know who your customers are, have their information stored in a database and the permission to contact them, that’s the best deal ever for a marketer.

In the online world your brand needs to be in front of the customer eight times before they can buy from you. This is because the internet is full of scammers and people don’t buy from someone they don’t know and trust.The real struggle is in developing a strategy that will generate revenue. You need a strategy that is divided into stages to be able to move a someone from a prospect to a lifelong customer.

The most important stage is the awareness stage; it will determine whether a prospect will ever want to buy from you. You have one chance to make the first impression work on it and make it perfect.When people sign up for your email list they are looking forward to attain a certain goal, you should always make sure that your goal aligns with theirs.

Set expectations and live up to those expectations. Give people the freedom to change their preferences and to unsubscribe from your email list. Collect information relevant to your goals and use it to market to that specific individual.

Using the 80/20 rule will lead to increased conversions. 80% of your emails must include; how to tips, educational and helpful content to help you build a relationship with your prospects. Get into conversations and let it be a two-way relationship, get to know more about your prospects and customers. 20% of your emails should be marketing emails, let us be real one way or the other you will have to make a sales pitch to get the conversions. Occasional special offers and free trails will dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Using automation tools can make your job as a marketer much easier, you automate emails and also repurpose them for future campaigns. Make all your emails personal. Use customized templates that will give your customer the feeling you want them to have when they open your emails, include graphics for better results. Use analytic tools to check your performance, update your database and improve your strategy. You grow by measuring performance and improving.

Written by – Maryrose (Intern)

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