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Flutter is a new immerging framework, basically SDK (Software Development Kit) recently created by Google. It implies “write once run anywhere” which means that the software or app developed with flutter can run at most of the devices and operating systems such as windows, iOS, android, linux, Mac and more.

The programming language used in flutter is Dart which seems similar to C. Obviously Google being one the most trustworthy organisation is not going to stop the development of flutter. It has announced flutter as the official programming language for Fushia OS, operating system used in TVs, Cameras and a lot more devices. Flutter contains four major components i.e. dart platform, flutter engine, foundation library and design-specific widgets. It becomes easier to develop apps when these component work together. The widgets are very useful for improving user interfaces (UIs) and user experience(UX) as well.

What is Dart?

Before reading more about flutter, here is a brief introduction of its core component. As mentioned earlier, dart is a programming language used in flutter. It is basically a having advance features of basic programming languages. The dart is also developed by Google. It is client-optimized programming language which simply means that it runs on multiple platforms satisfying client experience. Dart uses OOP(Object Oriented Programming) features to develop apps with syntax similar to C. In simple words, it connects us more to real world coding using classes as categories. It also provides garbage collection feature to flutter so that the app can easily manage local and dynamic storage on the device where it is running.

Some Cons and Pros

Flutter is getting popular because of mainly some of its features. First is, its single code base. Writing codes for different platforms for the same app consumes more time and money. Hence, economically flutter can save a lot expense for a company. Moreover, flutter provides high performance to an app reducing its booting speed and making the app quite fast. Flutter provides hot reloading to the app which helps in refreshing the app. Overall, it saves a lot of time in management of code the app system in a company. Now, if you are thinking how much time will it take to build an app, so no need to create everything! Flutter have amazing widgets which will help you creating the apps in less time. Using widgets makes it similar as assembling part to build a PC.

Earlier there were separate programming languages like java for android and swift for iOS which made it hard to create responsive apps. Now people can learn dart and work with flutter for writing a single code base.

So, should you start learning flutter? Well, it is more likely to be considered for future use. The reason flutter is new which means till now it has small community of developers. If you have not done any programming yet, you might stick with some concepts or errors and you might not get the solution online.So, Now be sure before having a kickstart!

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