How to Get Leads Online?

In today’s world social media or you can say internet has become an essential form of marketing. People are using internet platforms or you can say digital platforms to promote , sell, and earn business in many different ways.

so here i’m going to tell you the some best ways to generate lead by using online platfoms:

  • content marketing
  • website optimization and seo
  • email marketing
  • social media
  • webinars
  • ppc ads

Content marketing

If you want organically generates lead online then the content is the way to go.content is the King of every business

Content marketing involves creating content about your business product, your 1st intention is not to sell your product or services , but to build a trust and authority for your business.

Content marketing can be done using various of content format – blogs , videos, images podcast etc.

Website optimization and seo

Organic search is one of the most valuable long term lead generation straetgies. here Keyword  is the most important tool in this stategies.

There are two main sides of this strategies : you pick a high volume keyword which means more people searching for it and more people visit to your content, and the other one is that you can create quality content  using various formats like images videos , infographic etc.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the old channel of communication so people like to write an email and its a soft target. Email is the most preffered channel for online lead generation,

  • Its simple – you dont need any developer to create an email
  • Its valuable- an email is the 1st point of entry to a lead.

Email marketing is a direct way to communicate with your target audience , and its a personalized channel to increase your brand awarness and improve your relationship with your customer.

Email marketing is the cheapest channel with the highest value.

social media

social media platform is booming now a days.tons of people using social media now a the social media channel is most powerful for getting lead online.

In order to be successful via social media you must invest time and effort in building trust and engaged with your audience so you can convert your audience into leads.

There are so many platforms on social media like facebook, instagram twitter, linkedln and even for getting leads you must have to consistent in these platform.


webinars are to online lead generation. hosting a webinar is a way to prove  you’re an expert in your field.

Its serve a valuable purpose bringing people together. people who register  for your webinar needto provide information like email address phone number etc. so you can contact them long after the webinar ends.

you can use various social media channel to let the world know youe are hosting a webinar.

 ppc ads

ppc ads which is stand for pay per click ads. PPC ads cost money.

 you create them on google adwords. PPC ads most used by the businesses who dont have time to organically rank on google search results and have the budget to spend on ads.

PPC ads are the 1st three or four search results that appear on googgle when you type some stuff.They look exactly like regular search results, the only diffference is they have the tag “Ad” before the hyperlink.

Article on – How to get lead online – Written by – Priyanka (Digital Marketing Intern)

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