HOW TO MARKET A SHOPPING MALL (7 innovative ideas) – By Agasha Asiina (Gitam Intern)


1.Content marketing. This is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material such as; (videos, social media posts, online ads, and blogs) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended at stimulating interest in its products and services. When a shopping mall uses content marketing, they are able to fulfill the educational needs of their buyers through knowledge transfer.

2.Brochures. Shopping malls can drop quarterly brochures into letterboxes for all surrounding residences to gain more knowledge about the mall and the kind of services provided. This form of advertisement can help to capture the attention of customers without spending much on the advertisement.

3.Conduct random surveys. This can be done on existing customers by drafting questions in line with customer satisfaction with given services, tastes, and preferences, customer care services, the composition of the mall among others. It is advisable for the customer age groups to be considered. This helps to build a strong customer relationship and eases service provision.

4.Seasonal festivals. It is an important strategy for shopping malls to conduct festivals since this attracts a lot of new customers hence broadening the market. It is important to provide discounts and perform all sorts of promotions on this day.

5.Giveaways. These are a great part of attracting retailing, residential, and travel competition. This can be done by adding gift cards for a given range of purchases, putting promotions like “buy 1 get 1 free” that attract customer loyalty.

6.Decorate the mall. Malls should be decorated and organized in a way that it’s easy for customers to locate the section of the kind of goods they are in need of. The arrangement should be in a way that there is no mix of unrelated goods such as finding foodstuffs in the same section with clothes. Also, sections like clothing, shoes, jewelry among others should be displayed in the format of brands.

7.Leverage social media. With the current digital world, it is advisable for malls to use media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to market their products. In the same sense, delivery services can be provided and make door-to-door deliveries for online customers.

Other factors are;

8.Spread word about tenant holiday sales. Providing tenant holidays attracts more tenants dealing in different kinds of goods hence attracting more customers and contributing to the amount of rent received. In this same line, some tenants come with customers who are already loyal to them.

9.Flash deals. It is advisable for malls to give flash deals to customers mostly in time of bringing new stock. Advertising flash deals create awareness about them which brings many customers hence leading to an increase in sales.

10.Make a customer the boss. When a customer is given first priority in any business, the set objectives get higher chances for achievement. This can be achieved by addressing customer complaints, meeting customer satisfaction, knowing your ideal customer needs among others.

11.Cross-promote different stores in the mall. This can be done considering factors like; market target, seasonality, trending stock, demand among other factors. With this kind of promotion, more customers are drawn to the products in stores under promotion on factors of price, quantity among others.

12.Size, brands, and luxury fashion. A mall that brands itself as a classic product service provider attracts high-class customers interested in updated brands and labels. In the same line, a large mall is easily noticed by physical customers which can be a source 0f attraction to it. A large mall also accommodates a variety of products which covers a large number of customers and their needs.

In conclusion, shopping malls are a great part of service providers in a given community and therefore should be given all the possible attention in order to provide better services to people. In this line, the above and other factors should be considered and implemented in order to market shopping malls.

Artile Written by – HOW TO MARKET A SHOPPING MALL – By Agasha Asiina (Gitam Intern)

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