How to Market Bakery Shop

As Everyone like to eat something when we are Hungry, Happy and Excitement to Bake a cake or eat something, As Bakery is one place where all the happiness is being shared to everyone. Weather it may be New year or birthday or Christmas, We bake a cake to celebrate that moment and we decorate our homes with decorating items to live that moment so that it would remain as a best memory in our life.

How Bakery should Spread awareness in public? What factors that they need to take into consideration?

If you want to start a Bakery Business then we should take some factors into consideration:

1.Place 2.Demand 3.Marketing 4.Quality

To Spread awareness about the Bakery shop we need marketing practices to establish a stable position in the market. The marketing practices are :

  • Conducting a Survey to know the customer choice of buying product and their choices over the food that helps in more success.
  • Selling  unique products that makes our Bakery different from the competitors.
  • TV advertisement or News paper advertisement that helps to gain more attention.
  • Offering discounts on Festival eve’s.
  • Giving promotional discount coupons on purchase of certain price value limit.
  • Keeping the place attractive to customer to feel the first best impression.
  • Develop a website or an App of your Bakery Shop that helps to know more about the shop and products.
  • Suggesting Good choice to customer and giving Free samples of new products to try out different tastes.
  • As we are active in social media so Social media marketing helps us to spread awareness and the reach will be more efficient and in lower time bound.
  • Tie up with local Brands to spread more branches in the city it will multiply profits.

Only marketing doesn’t helps to sustain in the market, the quality of products, satisfaction of customer and Being unique that makes a complete home of happiness to the customers, if these are not good with good in marketing the  there will be no trust in customers to buy the product. The customer choice and trust that makes our Bakery shop successful in the market.

Example: Karachi Bakery was opened in 1953, at starting it was only one branch but later customers were very fond of their biscuits and taste. As it was the Unique taste from other bakery shops so customers were happy to buy the products, as the main key point is it the products and service of Bakery shop is good then there will be more success with marketing practices but either way it will be resulting in loss.

Conclusion: As every moment has to be celebrated to be memorable in our life, as our life is very short so live the moment at the present. The small happiness in celebrating is Cake cutting or spending a quality time with  family or friends, The bakery is place where people sit and talk discuss everything enjoying the food and celebrating moment by baking a cake, so Bakery place a vital role in our lives so make us happy and to live the moment.

Article on – How to market bakery shop – Written by – Pochampally Kaushik (Intern)

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