HOW TO MARKET CAR DRIVING SCHOOL – by Chandana Mukkara (Gitam Intern)

Designing your driving future


If you are planning to start a driving school, you should plan your business details first. These days people opt for their vehicle such as a car to travel from one place to another place. As a result, many people are interested in car training so that they can choose to drive their own car. You can learn by driving about your friend, father, or relatives. But most people prefer to be able to drive from a professional. However, because of the great need for people to learn to drive, the business of driving school is growing.

Driving instructors and schools are in a hot state, sprouting in almost every corner. What sets them apart from each other is not the price of the courses or the cars they use, but the ability to make effective marketing. Driving School is the main car you need to grow and improve your driving school business.

5 Driving School Marketing Ideas:

  • Business Model: Before anything else, you will want to create your own brand, and I do not mean that all the ‘L’ characters associated with your business should be turned into a student plate; I mean what are your best features? Can you offer cheaper prices than your competition? In other words: what sets you apart from others? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and the answer should determine your sales points. From there (spoiler warning) you can direct your website, social media, and App where it stands as a driving school.
  • Create Your Own App:  Getting a school driving app to make learning experience easier, modern and accessible and a good quality to consider. Making your driving school app plan has now been simplified and comes with many additional features that attract a new generation that helps you manage your business personally. This includes an online booking system, where your students can book and pay for a course in your course using a credit card or PayPal. A message center that lets you communicate with any information you need to send to people. Questions to help students practice their theoretical assessment. A contact form, which allows potential readers to communicate with you systematically in a simple format. Lastly, you can create your own coupons that allow your students to claim discounts and rewards.

All of these features are kept in an orderly and manageable way that can bring the best to your business.

  • Website: Your website is where the information you provide should be available. It is a great opportunity to show your personality and express your teaching style. It is great to have an App as it is still beneficial for your business to be accessible to all devices and in some cases (if your student is at work for example) the desktop is still the preferred device. There are many template websites that you can use to ensure organized and purposeful planning.
  • Social Media:  Social media is something you should be doing. No ifs, ands, or buts. It’s free, you have complete control and when used properly it only identifies the people you need. Let me give you an example: your 17-year-old student has just passed his exam and took a photo of his bond with his certificate standing in front of your car. One of the gallery, very beautiful. But why are you standing there? With your Facebook page, you can mark it, congratulate him on his success so that all his friends can see it, which means all his friends see his picture AND that he passed you. I have noticed that these types of images have more than 100 likes, and a large number of stocks and startup comments.

That’s a lot of traffic connected to your page – most of them young people want to start driving in the near future. Make sure you use Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, tailoring content to the platform where needed.

  • Business Cards: As the digital age has been good in driving school advertising, let’s not forget the basics. Business cards are easy investments that go hand in hand with word of mouth. There are many situations in which having a simple card with your details can close an agreement. So, make sure you always have the best things you can give your studentsyou never know if they have a friend who hopes to hit the road soon.


More and more instructors want to break free from the expectations of being part of a driving school and want to do it their way. The best part about this is you have full control, well… everything. Do not let this discourage you and it can be your greatest strength. Use these ideas to point you in the right place and most importantly do it your way with your style.If you are determined to put your business on the map, promotions and marketing will not be in the background. In fact, you should prioritize these activities and have a defined plan and budget. The final plan is to get your profits different from other businesses and be aware of your weaknesses.


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