How to Market Children’s Hospital – by Sudha Rani D (Gitam Intern)

How to Market Children's Hospital


  • PROVEN STRATEGIES : As the marketing partner for several of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals True North Custom is porud to partner with childrens hospital in nationwide through stories and audiences from awareness to action.
  • Based on the experience ‘We’ developed proven strategies for growing a children’s hospital brand and increasing through a content strategies designed for consumers ‘physician and donors.
  • Engaging consumers with unique content sets your brand apart as aana authority on that subject matter.
  • As a children’s hospital ‘focusing on unique content and voice gives the chance to illustrate exactly how you meet needs other health care provider aren’t.
  • If you want to reach a parents in your community while differentiating  your children’s hospital brand ‘take the opportunity to put the information they need and want their fingertips with your fingerprints clearly on it.
  • ‘Don’t shy away from tougstuff’ :

recently the covered subject include spanking bullying gender identify domestic abuse’ and sexting all timely and relevant topics of conversation.

Prioritize the practical :

focusing on practical content that parents can use day-to-day issues a features dietitian address nutrition issues.

  • To create content that captures physicians attention and trust children hospital have to be true to themselves.
  • Pediatric physicians say that children aren’t little adults they are distinct patient grouping requiring care that just for them
  • By the same token your physicians focus content strategy must be unique from its consumers counter part.
  • The basic ingredients for a success at the same physician want to know what your hospital does well through your skilled’ compassionate care.
  • How children hospital leverage content to cultivate donors
  • Children’s hospitals have an advantage over other health care organization when it comes to content creation it lies in what they work towards every day:helping thick children’s get well.
  • Every story about the young patient’ at its heard story about a family and that has universe s relevant and resonance.
  • For children hospital content has a catalyst for giving since all children’s become a part of John’s Hopkins medicine in 2011.
  • The teaching hospital is nationally ranked by U. S. news and world reporters in three childres specialist: Cardiology and heart surgery’ neurology and nuro surgery and orthopedic.


By considering all these points the stories about children who have overcome serious illness or injury tug at the heartstrings and they can be a powerful call to philanthropy action.

Article on – How to Market Children’s Hospital – Written by –  SUDHA RANI (GITAM Intern)

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