How to Market Ice Cream Shop: 9 Strategies Ideas – by Abhishek (Gitam Intern)

How to Market Ice Cream Shop

Want to promote Your Ice Cream store..??

  • Offer some unique flavors that are different from the regular flavors to stand out of the crowd.
  • You should have a decorative store with all the informative standee, boards, and put up some attractive new offers and discounts at the window wall to grab the attention of passing visitors. 
  • Put up a ‘Flavour-Of-The-Day’ counter and offer a sample of taste to every customer of the store. This helps to increase sales if the customer would like the sample(Flavour of the day). 
  • Merge up with the top wedding organizers, catering servicers, event planners , restaurants and some relevant partners and offer them  a discount to grab bulk orders.
  • Create a website or application or team up with the online food dilevery partners like Swiggy, Zomato and more and enable online delivery of ice-cream and relevant food items. 

1. Launch  New Unique Flavors

As the regular flavors sales go well but we also need to create some new unique flavors which attract the consumers. There may be many ice cream parlours in a particular area but the parlor which brings out new favors and a unique way the serve these will definitely get success.

2. Publicity of your Ice cream parlour

For publicity of your ice cream parlor, you must know the top newspapers and magazine publications in your city. Make a list of those publications that are interested in the advertisement of an ice cream store.

We can also put big banners and distribute posters for the publicity of the store and we can also have a marketing campaign saying that our Ice cream parlor is providing free ice cream for the 1st 20 customers.

3. Sample Tasting

You can give regular samples for the taste to the person who walks your store which will attract them to eat the ice cream after tasting.

Put up a ‘Flavour-Of-The-Day’ counter and offer a sample of taste to every customer of the store.

If your customers ask to pack the ice cream for home then you can also give the samples in small packages so by this it will be a good marketing strategy.

4. Sponsor  Some  Charitable  Events

As we all know Ice cream is like a treat for children. We can sponsor a child’s charity event  The sponsorship will increase the brand visibility of your Ice cream parlor.

You can also keep an ice cream tasting counter at your ice cream shop. You can keep the price of each sample for a Cheap Rate then this money can go to the charity and another way is to have a contest with new unique flavors. The entry fees which will be earned can be given as a donation to the charitable trusts.

5. Gain Good Public Relations

Good public relations promotes awareness about your product and creates a demand for your ice creams Good public relations implies that you have good connections with the public and this plays an important role in society. The good reputation of your ice cream store will motivate the customers to buy ice creams from your store which shows positive public relations and trust-building with the consumer.

You must utilize every resource to make people aware of your ice cream store. Put signs and banners that let the consumers know about your ice cream parlors and different kinds of flavors which you provide and Be active on social media.

6. Market  Your  Ice Cream  Parlour

You can market your ice cream shop online and offline both with the help of social media, magazines, posters, blogs, radio, newspaper, and television. Doing publicity using all these mediums will help to increase the sales of your ice creams. When people will get aware of your shop, then they will definitely come to your shop to satisfy their cravings.

Use some of the creative pictures and cartoons in the newspapers and magazines with the help of good content on these. This will help you to target as many customers who are craving the ice cream at the same time.

7. Offer  Great Deals And Discounts

The discounts and deals you provide will attract customers to your ice cream parlor. Some special discounts can be offered for kids that will motivate their parents to spend extra money on the ice cream. A new concept of happy hours can be organized so that many customers can come to taste and buy many ice creams at your store.

8. Sell Ice cream In  Large Quantities

Selling your ice cream by gallon is a great way to increase the profit of your ice cream store. You can put discounts on bulk ice creams purchase this habit allows them to buy in bulk quantities of ice cream. Merge up with the top wedding organizers, catering services, event planners, restaurants, and some relevant partners and offer them a discount to grab bulk orders.

9. Distribute To Other Venues

Another way of increasing sales is to distribute your ice creams to other establishments and venues such as grocery shops and restaurants. They often buy locally made ice creams as it helps them to build good relations with their local customers.

The local market has a lot of potentials to sell the ice creams to their locals. But you have to make sure that the ice cream is made by you and must have a clear manufacture and expiration date, also contact food authorities to be sure that the ice cream can be sold to other local businesses in your local area.

10. Go Social                   

As we all know social networking is highly evolving nowadays so it is very important that we must have our presence on all the social media platforms and daily posts regarding the updates, launch of new flavors, and marketing campaigns.

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