How to Market Medical Shop – by Ruchitha (Gitam Intern)

How to Market Medical Shop


It is a retail shop where various types of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs are sold. The medical shop is also called “CHEMIST”, DRUGSTORE”, ”PHARMACY”, etc. A person who sells medicine is called a pharmacist and the shop is called  Pharmacy. The medicine should keep in the pharmacy in a good condition and according to the technical conditions. Medicines whose date is expired should not be kept in the pharmacy.


The urgent first aid equipment, basic medicine, other equipment, official records which should be secured in the pharmacy shall be determined by a decision to be issued by the minister. The minister also issues a decision determining the banned medicines and ways of keeping and circulation tranquilizers and poisons.


The pharmacy should be reserved only for storing, preparing medicine, and medical preparations, selling cosmetics materials, medical surgery optical and laboratory equipment, dental equipment, and similar items.

How to Market Medical Shop – written by Ruchitha (Gitam Intern)

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