How to Market Retail store

What is Retail Marketing?

Retail Marketing is the process of marketing your retail store through planning and process to bring the customers to your retail store.

How to do Retail Shop Marketing?

There are different strategies used for retail shop marketing.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Print Advertisement
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing

Digital Marketing.

Since it is a digital era people spend their time in the digital worlds such as social media and this is one of the most powerful strategies used.

So, for that you need to improve your online presence by using online space such as listing your business in google my business, website for your store, social media presence, email marketing to promote your products. This will help us to build brand awareness and popularity and also you can use the digital platforms for running advertisement such as google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads. Digital Ads is one of coast effective and also, we can target people according to our requirements which is not possible in other strategies.

Advantages of Digital Marketing.

  • Brand Development
  • Easy to Track the sale and conversation
  • Wild Reach

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing.

  • High Competition
  • Time Consuming

Print Media Advertisement

Print Media Advertisement is one of the traditional ways of marketing and it is done by using newspaper, magazines or broachers and banner ads. Print advertisement is more expensive when compared to Digital Marketing because in Print Media Advertisement we cannot target only the protentional customers. Print Media also help us to improve brand awareness and popularity of your business.

Advantages of Print Media Advertisement

  • Best way for local targeting
  • Viewed as credible

Disadvantages of Print Media Advertisement

  • Unable to track the conversion
  • Unable to target the potential customers

Influencer Marketing

This is a part of Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing. Influencer Marketing is done with the help of well-known social media figure. The Influencer will be promoting our product through there social media account, website or blogging. When an influencer recommends your product or services your product will be gaining the same the trust of that influencer indirectly and this will result more conversion or sales.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

  • Helps to Build trust relationship between customers
  • Less to work
  • Brand awareness

Disadvantages of Influencer Marketing

  • Choosing wrong person or influencer will affect negatively
  • Hard to track the result
  • Limited Reach

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing is when a customer like yourcompanies’ product or service he/she will talk about your product or services this and may refer those products. Unless you are doing mouth advertisement, word of mouth marketing is free.

Advantages of Word of Mouth Advertisement

  • Free of Coast
  • Build online community
  • Develop Brand loyalty
  • Create long term Value

Disadvantages of Word of Mouth Advertisement

  • Slow process
  • Tracking Issue
  • Negative advertisement Effect
  • Limited Control


You need to research about which ads campaign works for your business so accordingly you can reach the targeted audience.

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