How to Market Shopping Mall – by Chandana Padmasale (Gitam Intern)

How to Market Shopping Mall

The idea of a high-end shopping center in India at first was not a surprising success. Shopping centers in India, which started in the mid-90s, such as Crossroads Mall, Mumbai, were set up in the city center and made stopping customers a nightmare as there was no proper office to quit. People find the idea of ​​buying a shopping mall challenging to process. Customers did not much discard the division and measurement of stores alike. Today India’s shopping malls have improved in both number and scale. 

There are various items that one can buy at the mall and more enjoy some of the entertainment facilities available. Most shopping centers have a variety of foods that you can enjoy in their feed courts. It can rightly be said that the media and the enlightened media have similarly helped change shopping centers’ perception among consumers.

6 Shopping Mall Marketing Ideas:

To better market your mall, you need to develop different ideas that will make you different from others. Here are few marketing suggestions that can help you bring prominence to your shopping mall.


 Giving gifts are a great way to attract the masses to your shopping mall during the holiday season. With these donations, you can come up with a special prize, such as a luxury car or a free vacation. Remember, the more attractive the bonus is, the better the response will be.

You can encourage customers to shop at your shopping mall’s outlets by offering them the chance to enter a drawing for the opportunity to win the grand prize. Additionally, you can offer daily little tips with numerous winners.

Flash Deals:

 A great way to buzz around your mall is to send flash deal alerts to all in-store shoppers. When your audience is in your presence, you should attempt to market such initiatives to them—the shopping area.

If you make a name in advance, People will come to the mall in anticipation of flash sales on their favorite items and rush to the cash register. Right stores to get them at a discount. This type of promotion also helps you to use the fear of loss (FOMO) for consumers. There may be many consumers out there who might be afraid of losing the good stuff in their favorite products. These people will come to your mall to secure a deal.

Conduct Events:

During the holidays, everyone is looking for different events they can go to and enjoy the holidays. This makes the event more attractive in supermarkets. It would help if you considered organizing more events, activities, workshops, and more in your shopping mall these weeks to attract a crowd.

You can also catch up with shows and hire someone to play Santa and his elves to attract families to your stores. Alternatively, you can host competitions where people can participate and have a chance to win prizes.

Decorate the Mall:

During the holidays, you need to decorate your mall. This will make the mall more fun and invite people to visit this place to see the decoration. You can incorporate significant art installations and create Instagram showpieces that are ready to attract people who wish to take selfies in their presence.

Your goal should be to make your shopping center look healthier and more enjoyable when people visit it. However, make sure you avoid decorating that looks dimly can be too far-fetched for holiday shoppers.

Leverage Social Media:

You should use social media to promote all events and sales in your shopping mall. Remember, good photos and videos will always be on the go, and you need to get more out of this to attract crowds.

The good idea is to live if you have an ongoing event at the mall or make your flash sales announcements about it. This will not only increase your crossing but will also improve your level of engagement on social media.

Launch and promote gift cards:

If you do not have a gift card in your mall, it is high time to get started. The National Retail Federation claims gift cards are the most popular form of payment. Sought-after holiday items over the past decade.

In addition, people plan to buy an average of seven gift cards from members of their immediate family. They also plan to buy two for their pals and one for themselves, which will work for their colleagues. So it is essential to have gift cards in stores where people can easily buy from them. To make the gift more fun, you can give them more cards to encourage people to come to the mall to purchase gift cards.

After that, gift card recipients will also visit your stores to use them. For all parties concerned, this is a win-win situation!


With more than a month to go before the holiday season begins, it’s time to start planning your marketing campaigns. Start a new holiday season offering. Promote your gift cards or let them know if you haven’t already.

Decorate your mall for the holidays and heal it. Finally, host events or activities to make your shopping center the center of everything.


Note: Article on HOW TO MARKET SHOPPING MALL – Written by Sai Chandana Padmasale (Gitam University Interns)

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