Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing

Now a days more and more people use mobile devices to access the internet. Instagram is mobile-friendly,it gives you an opportunity to show your brand’s creative side and think outside the box.

Sketch out details on topics what you want to post and what your audience interested in. Create relevant images that better matches to your content.Add call-to-action to encourage the customers and consider when you should be posting. Increase awareness of your brand,brand loyalty,build your community and promote your products and services.

Social Media Marketing strategy is incomplete without Instagram. When user clicks on your profile he should understand who you are what you do, so focus on first impression of your page.Having your logo as your profile picture makes good sense. Posting on regular basis increases your vulnerability.By using good captions,it should clearly tell the person what the page is about.Share your company news and updates to all the customers.

Shopping strategies allows you to sell products directly through Instagram platform.Run ads on Instagram by promoting posts you have shared. Clearly define your goals and optimize your content so that it can reach many users as possible.

Answer your audience questions and create the content they will find valuable.Hash tags (#) helps to make posts searchable so it’s better to use while creating Instagram posts.Live videos gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience in real time.Use some promotional contents like special discounts to bring more traffic to your page.To find what content works best and what’s not, track important metrics using Instagram insights tool.

Written by – Pravalika (Intern)

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