Instagram Marketing Trends 2021

Instagram Marketing Trends 2021

HEY, are you guys here to see the latest trends which INSTAGRAM is going to
use in 2021. Woohoo,then of course you are in the right place .Here we will talk
about all the strategies,plans they are gonna use in 2021.

The craze of instagram is increasing day by day,especially among youngsters . Instagram is perceived as a B2C dominated platform.

As this is the initial period of a decade,so everyone is excited leaving behind the
year 2020 (toxic year ever).

Now what comes in your mind when we talk about INSTAGRAM?
THINK THINK we will come to this later.
“REEL” versus “IGTV’’

In August 2020, INSTAGRAM LAUNCHED a new feature called “reels”. It is similar to TikTOK,was launched just after the TikTok got banned in India.This is how real business goes. INSTAGRAM played well. The moment this feature came,it was already a BOOM. It is a new way to discover and create short entertaining videos on instagram .

You can record and edit 15 seconds multi-clip videos with audio,effects and new creative tools. Now if we talk about INSTAGRAM TV,which we all know as IGTV is quite an old feature as compared to( REELS) was released on june 20,2018.
It allows a creator to upload high quality,long-form,vertical videos.

IGTV allows instagram users to create channels where they can upload videos starting between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long.
IGTV has also given their users access to create compelling content (helps in
increasing engagements ) with their audience. In initial 2020, instagram also announced that the users can now save their INSTAGRAM LIVE videos to their IGTV.

Talking about the whole world, we have nearly 1 billion internet “active users”out of which 32% of internet users are on instagram . Now you can assume the craze of INSTAGRAM . It is one of the most popular social media platforms. Mostly it is popular among females (most active users i.e 68%). So if you want to advertise the product or want to sell it (clothing,beauty,food & beverages) here you get your target audience (females) easily .

● Now marketers are approaching influencers (TikTok) mostly as compared to bollywood celebrities ,reason is they (tiktokers) are the people who are continuously active on their IG (regular content ). It will not be wrong if I say they are the one who are ruling IG from almost 2 years through their TikTok videos and now reels .
● They are easily approachable as compared to bollywood celebrities (affordable).
● Early 2020 , running the GIVEAWAY contest had also become so popular and was one of the best strategies to attract an audience and boost engagements in post.
● There was a rumour in initial 2020 about instagram “LIKE” feature being removed . i don’t think this is going to happen as this feature motivates the audience to feel good about themselves and to post more and more . It is one of the fine features to increase engagements on IG.
● INSTAGRAM hosts dozens of original filters that users can add to their photos, which has made it easy for the audience (saves time in editing) making their content or post look creative and authentic .
● Using instagram’s trending hashtags has its own perk. They are used to categorise content and make it more discoverable. Anyone who clicks on an Instagram hashtag or conducts an Instagram hashtag search will see a page showing all the posts tagged with that hashtag.

Basically it means if you want to engage with large number of audience , use plenty of relevant hashtags .
Trends to be adapted to meet goals in 2021
● Reels usage will rise .
● Even more instagram stories .
● More LIVE content .
● In app shopping .
● Focus on IGTV .
● Approach to relatable influencers .
● Content (still) reigns.

These Instagram Marketing Trends 2021 to grow,as INSTAGRAM will continue to add new contextualised shopping features. For example,the instagram “guides”feature
allows creators to curate a selection of shopping products,while shopping from
creators allow approved influencers to tag products directly in their posts and

Article on Instagram Marketing Trends 2021 – written by (Karishma) (intern)

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