Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a social platform that uses mostly pictures and videos to tell a story. The platform is a more visual than text based communication playground. There is a large pool of diverse individuals in this social media network therefore the sky is the limit for companies to introduce their offerings to the intended target market.

Companies can use Instagram marketing to introduce knew innovations to the public at lower costs than other media such as broadcasting , depending on the strategy they decide to use. Businesses can create a business page and use the platform to market their products and services to a larger audience which increases the probability of making sales as more people are aware of the product. This is also a great way to engage directly with consumers.

A lot of companies use Instagram influencers to get the message across to their intended target market. Using an influencer with a high number of followers can easily increase the product popularity and people will most likely purchase because of the FOMO(fear of missing out).Influencers can use links and hashtags (#) to direct the audience to companies website should they be interested in the product or services their ‘’fave”’ has already tried.

There are a lot of good things about marketing on Instagram however businesses needs to be vigilant at all times about the content they put out. Social media has a power to make or break an industry. Racial and cultural norms must be respected as the platform has audiences from all backgrounds. On Social media the less text the better, Videos and pictures of products and services must be appealing enough to tell a story on their own with less text as possible.

Instagram marketing is a powerful strategy for businesses to grow as long as it is used with great caution.

Written by – Amanda (Intern)

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