Instagram reel: Popular short video platform

Instagram reel

New feature of instagram to create and discover short video.Where you can make short video from 15 to 30 sec with many effects and tools. Those video you can share in your feed and story .Multi audio, video and creative tools are there to make entertaining video for your audience. These days short videos are entertaining and people love to watch so instagram reel is perfect for those people and creator also. Some people compare instgram reel to Tiktok. Creator also good opportunity to reach global stage and showcase there skill.Instagrm makes some changes in navigation bar and add reel icon there.

You can choose audio from instagram library also you can add audio from your phone. Also you can use others audio. There are many effects from instagram and creators you can use them. People can use your unique audio by selecting “Use audio’ from your reel.

Easy align to shoot different shots in one video. Countdown before shoot video to adjust your look and expression. Choose to speed up and speed down part of video or audio you want. To make slow motion or fast forward one video you can use multiple effects and motions. There many creator who creates different effects and audio with creativity you can use them to make your reel.

If you have public account you can share your reel to a space on explorer, where it can change to discover by wider instgram community .also you can share to your follower by posting in your feed.

If you have private instagram account then reel follows your instgram privacy. You can share to feed so only your follower can see your reel. Other than your follower no one can see your reel and use your audio or theme to make reels.

You can share your reel with your follower or can be discovery by the huge instagram community on explore which can be useful for creator to reach potential audience and gain new followers. Also based on hash tag, song or effect your reel also discovered to others. This feature give courage to new creator to create and famous on Instagram.

If you noticed some reel has a tag “featured” label. According to instagram, ”featured reel section of public reel chosen by instagram to help people to discover original content “.if your reel is feature in explore ,you will receive notification letting you know that you will be something great ahead.

Customized entertaining reel explore showcase for you based on your like. You can easily like share and comment on your favorite reel.Reel getting famous day by day in people and creator. Also reel is only available in certain country at moment. It will be next big short video platform sure.

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