Integrated Marketing Communication

As per its name simply, it is a integration of marketing tools of communication. IMC is combination of tools.

Integrated marketing is an approach to creating a new consumer to interact with the brand.

As a Company communicate with people form of different marketing methods. Integrated marketing communications are beneficial to multiple audiences. First, it helps your consumer better trust your company and its values. Next, it’s beneficial for the stakeholders in your organization.

Tools of Integrated Marketing Communications:

  1. Advertising
  2. In this tech., Marketers use printable media such as banners, TV ads, radio etc. for increase sale product and also creates awareness among consumers.
  3. Sales Promotion
  4. In this tool, Marketer produces greed in the customer.
  5. Marketer gives reason customer to buy the product. It provides attractive offers like discount coupons, sample, premiums & low cost deals.
  6. Public Relations
  7. It is a two way Communication.
  8. Company sales a product to consumer or customer, then customer use this product & shares their positive review to the company..
  9. Direct Marketing
  10. As per its name, Marketer direct communicate with customer or end users through email, SMS, call and promotion letter.
  11. Mobile Marketing
  12. It is the cheapest mode of marketing tool.
  13. Mobile marketing involves communicating with people and customer through mobile by sending  them a text message and call.
  14. Social Media
  15. It is one of the most powerful media. Where the promotion of brand or business or product can be done through the social media like Instagram, FB, Snapchat and etc. . 
  16. It is low cost promotional method.
  17. Personal Selling
    1. In this technique, salesperson direct face to face communicate with buyer or customer and salesperson convenience the buyer to purchase a product.

Written by – Yagnik (Intern)

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