LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is a social platform basically developed to connect entrepreneurs, freelancers and other people who are professionals want to pursue their career, therefore we can say it works to help our career and business to grow.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn Marketing is a technique of using LinkedIn which is a social platform to make connections, develop business relationships, drive traffic and to generate leads. Youcan also make people aware about your brand by sharing content i.e by writing articles, blogs, sharing images or uploading videos through LinkedIn so that it can reach wide range of people.

We are choosing LinkedIn as a social platform  rather than other social media applications because according to a survey, LinkedIn is much highly effective than Facebook or Twitter in case of business to business (B2B)Marketing as it can produce greater leads with best results And unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, LinkedIn is a professional social platform to grow your business and career.

Now, As we have understood what is LinkedIn marketing I am going to share few tips to enhance your marketing strategies :-

  1. Set up your Company’s page on LinkedIn by simply writing Name of your company and adding a professional image that can describe your business and can attract public
  2. Look for your Target Audience means to discover people who are more likely to be interested in the products or services offered by you.
  3. Now, after finding your specific audience you have to keep in touch with them so that they can express their interest and to stay in touch you can daily update your status to develop curiosity or can weekly share blog posts. You can also send monthly emails to make special offers or invite them to attend webinars so that they can develop more interest in your business .
  4. Create Sponsored content in which businesses pay to push their posts on a particular LinkedIn’s feed and as we know LinkedIn customize not only on the basis of gender or age but also on skills, job profile, Company’s name, job functions which makes it easy to target specific industries with strong call to action. We can even create text ads and messages with sponsored InMail to promote our business by retargeting the visitors that are already in our sales funnel.
  5. Publish High quality content so that it can go viral because as we know people like real content and if once our content gets popularity,  LinkedIn will put it in spotlight that will improve your content’s visibility so that more and more readers will read it thus increasing number of visitors.
  6. You can stay active by joining groups related to your niche. LinkedIn groups are the way through which you can connect and interact with the professionals of same interest like you. The major benefit of joining groups is that it is the place where people from various regions can do conversation on same topic in order to acquire more knowledge and to exchange ideas among themselves. Moreover, group allows you to message an individual with whom you are not connected so LinkedIn InMail is added up thus it is a great way to save your money and to build relationships.
  7. You can also create your own groups that will help you reach more number of people and to generate leads and people will think as if you are a one of the Leaders in your industry with innovative mind.
  8. You can use InMail which a paid feature by which you can directly contact anyone on LinkedIn and make them aware of products and services that you offer. When you personally reach an individual chances are there that they will once visit your page or website thus increasing traffic and your business.
  9. LinkedIn marketing is much a number game in which you have to count the conversion rate. For example if you get traffic of 7 people visitors chances are that 2 of them become clients so you have to focus on it.
  10. You can use Paid LinkedIn Sales solutions but do not hard sell rather try your best so that you can get discovered on LinkedIn by applying strategies such as content marketing or Inbound marketing

As LinkedIn is a Professional Social Platform where you can see the world with more potential so think of it as an opportunity to grow your business by selling your products and services.

Written by – Priyanka Behki (Intern)

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