Native Ads

Native Ads

Now a days Advertising is everywhere.There are total seven different types of advertising and they are Paid search advertising, Social media advertising, Native advertising, Display advertising, Print advertising, Broadcast advertising, Outdoor advertising.

Today, you’ll learn what Native Ads are, where you can find them, how they work and why they are getting lot of popularity and conclusion.

Native Advertising is slightly different from any other forms of advertising.

So, what Native Ads are and why are they different from other Ads?

Native Ads is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and Function of the user experience in which it is placed. To say it in a simpler way

Native Advertising mixes with the content so perfectly that they don’t even look like ads as a result they perform better and have been growing in popularity over the years.

Native Ads can’t be differentiated and one can think it’s just another piece of content they are browsing Native Ads are a solution to many of the most common paid-ad complaints.

Where can you find them?

Native Ads are usually viewed as

  • As sponsored ads
  • As suggested content/recommended for you.
  • In feeds of social media (Instagram, Facebook)as paid ads.
  • One with small icon on top right corner. If clicked, will take you to another page.
  • They can be an image, videos, articles etc.

How do they Work?

Step 1: First, a brand pays for content to be put on native advertising platforms.

Just like any other advertising, one should pick the correct platform as its important step. One has to pick the channel where their targeted audience spends most their time whether that be Social media Facebook, Instagram) or Google.

Step 2: Then, the native content is created (by the brand) that looks same and feel as the content on the Platform.

Step 3: After the content is created and approved, it’s tagged with a “warning” of sorts that may say something like “Advertisement” or “Paid Advertisement.” This creates some transparency within the native advertising platform just like a television ads do.

Why are they getting popular?

  • Native ads adjust themselves in the content that is why they are viewed more and people tends to click on it if they find it relatable. A study shows that native ads gain 5-7x higher CTC than banners or any other ads
  • Native ads are more likely a content or full of information and less likely be a advertisement. That is why people find it interesting and relatable and so they share them with their friends hence increasing the reach and make engagement strong.
  • Native ads provide 100% effective result, as it is less likely to be ignored by the people but it can be more effective when used correctly, but the key is that you have to create and promote them the right way.
  • Native ads tends to be more profitable as it overcome banner blindness and help marketers reach their target audiences.

As a user, many of us just wait for the YouTube ads to end, (5sec complete) and we just skip the Advertisements.We, as a human has been so fed up with the ads that some of us have also tried GoogleAds block too to block unnecessary ads and unwanted ads.

Native ads is worth the hype. In this time, this have shown to be an effective approach which considers users interests and creates a positive brand image.

Written by – Shivani Chaurasia (Intern)

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