On Page SEO

On Page SEO

Optimising the visual content on the page of a website

On Page in simple terminology refers to the visual content on the page of a website which includes Keywords, Content, Graphics, Trust, Reviews and Customer Feed backs etc.

On Page SEO,a short form of On Page Search Engine Optimization refers to the optimization of the website anything which is on the page so that it ranks in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. and brings organic traffic to the website.


  1. Keyword optimisation

2. Website Architecture

3. Speed of the Website

4. Graphics (Image) optimization

5. Crawlable Website

6. Targeted Content

7. Click through rate (CTR)

8. Mobile friendly

Now, let us see how these factors are useful for optimisation.

Keyword optimisation: Use the key words appropriately for the relevant pages, cross check with the Keyword planner from Google and analyse the keyword results for better optimization

Website ArchitectureBuild a perfect websiteto makeuserhappy whilenavigating the pages

Speed of the Website: Make sure the websites load faster on all the devices

Graphics (Image) optimization: Images are to be optimized by providing the Alt text.

Crawlable Website: Website has to be Crawlable and to be indexed by robots

Targeted Content: Create the content targeting specific audience

Click through rate (CTR): Meta description and Title tags are to be optimised on a page

Even though all the factors mentioned above are not ranking factors,most of the SEO experts or SEO consultants or SEO content writers use all of them as they are important for the user experience and yield higher rankings.

We have cross checked the importance of all these factors from https://zyppy.com/seo-success-factors/ by Cyrus Shepard, expert opinions and statements from Google.

Written by – Kalpana (Intern)

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