Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Nowadays, we can define Online marketing as a practice of leveraging web-based channels in order to distribute a message about a company’s brand such as products or services in order to be delivered to customers in suitable time.

There are some methods which can be used for online marketing such as email, social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) as well as, SEO and Google AdWords will be so effective in delivering the products through online marketing.

On the other hand, there is an effective objective for online marketing which concern about reaching the most important and potential customers through some channels that those customer spend their time in reading, searching, and shopping through online platforms in order to facilities them in finding the product in right way.

In order to let online marketing so beneficial and effective for reaching the target as well as, give the right product for right customer, there are some tools which can be used to facilities the online marketing such as:
1) Email Marketing.
2) Social Media Marketing.
3) SEO.
4) SEM.
5) Events and Webinars.
6) LinkedIn Ads.
7) Affiliate Marketing.

Moreover, Marketers must develop a balance in order to build a unique value proposition and brand voice as they can test the marketing campaigns on various channels for reaching the target in easy manner.

Finally, there are some Online Marketing Strategies such as:
1) Aim for super-high organic click-through rates.
2) Aim for super-high ad click-through rates.
3) Forget everything you know about conversion rate optimization.
4) Remarketing is great … but try Super Remarketing!
5) Get your Facebook organic reach back.

Writtern By – Syed Sameer Gayed (Intern)

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