Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Well, Outbound marketing is something which the manufacturer reaches to the customer with the mean of resources without customers initial interest of their product to make awareness of the same.

Its been a tradition that outbound marketing was the initial step in marketing industry where we had a limited resources such as, Tv ads, Radio ads, News Paper ads and Cold calls, Door to door visits, out source tele marketing, and advertisements etc. All the mean of resources which the outbound marketing initiated in a market was signifies that those are to be reach out to customer without their interest in product to make an awareness of the products. In this way we can consider the outbound marketing as traditional marketing also.

The new market may be a new geographic market, based on a new kind of product, a new age group, a larger segment or a small sub-segment of your existing market, etc.

In this case, a smaller marketing system of outbound campaign can be a booster shot for lead generation.

The main objective of such an outbound marketing campaign should be expanding your market to a new category of the customers.

So, in short  note an outbound marketing campaign can be used to:

Expand a business into a new market

Launch or introduce a new product or a new piece of content

For accelerating the lead generation targets

Getting more people to consume your existing content (increasing website traffic)

If you have content planned for every 2 to 3 months that will be a very big resource to the audience to come across to know your business or about your product.

Benefits of outbound marketing:

It will be fast as its outbound you can plan your schedule instead of waiting customer to reach out to us, We can directly reach out to customers.

It is perfectly suited if you are marketing to senior folks, As they are not much familiar with the new technologies or social media like FB, Twitter, whatsapp etc.

Define and refine your niche:

There are a many number of ways to narrow down your niche:

1. Define your ideal customer – Please find out first who will be more familiar or using your product or service?

Is there any specific class, or users who will be more in need then others?

Like,  are they single mothers, fathers, divorcees, newlyweds, or grandparents?

2. Define multiple specialized services – You may have expertise in multiple areas for your subject matter of your ideal customer, .

Will your company produce products or services used by everyone in repeated manner without compromising in quality terms?

If we ask this questions our self this may bring many highest probability of services / products at the top.

Start by calculating your capacity and try to develop repeatable results in these areas.

3. Find a hard-to-serve customer – I obviously like Becky’s advice in this case. She states that to find a loyal, long-term customer, go to customer or peoples who have a hard time in finding similar services.

For an example: A digital marketing and services for local clothing boutiques in our city.

As they are small, There are more chances they won’t be aware much about to market their business online as they will have a limited finance or budget.

Welcome them with the first free round of service and make them pay for the next level once they see the results. Yeah i understand that will be a fun and challenge to create a process to educate them.

4. Finding your intersections with other businesses – Find, Do customers consume your service while doing something else?

Go to such businesses to attach your product with them, For example: New keto based ready meal can be tie-up with the IT large businesses.

It can create a pop-up store to deliver the pre-cooked meals to the employees of that organizations.

5. Considering a niche based geographic area – Finding peoples in a particular geographical area and targeting only to them to start-up.

Making a decision, Which area to be choosed is entirely up to you, It could be based on your own location, market research which will reveal the highest probability of conversion in that area.

For example, Osmania university is an area located in Hyderabad ( SOUTH )India. It is quiet famous for education institutes and also it’s a basically university area.

If I am selling a product or service which helps improve student’s productivity, I would start with Hyderabad Osmania University.

6. Offer product or services  with exceptional customer service – It may be all that your competitor’s  offering the same services but you discovers the customer service they give is leaving the people unhappy.

You have to target that unhappy or unsatisfied customer to boost up your services or business with out and out offers and exceptional quality products.

Advise on triggering the emotional thumb to grab the more attention so that it will lift your services up In customers view.

I challenge you, With in no time you will boost up in the marker wit faraway with you fellow competitors in market.

7. Offer a advantage price – If you think to have much apparent advantage of your fellow competitors, then go luxury or go budget.

If you have highest price or ticket products/services  then offer them to the luxury customers and offer rock bottom prices to the budget conscious users or customers.

You will be get thrilled the way your product or business will get a brand new identity in the market in this way.


As the digital marketing has been in a extreme higher level now a days and more technological resources has been added to the Inbound marketing, As the pandemic made a barriers in outbound marketing the outbound marketing is not that much affective, But but you cannot ignore it completely or you cannot say this has been wined up.

Written by – Azeem Pasha (Intern)

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