Paid Marketing and why do you need it?

What is Paid Marketing or PPC?

Paid Marketingis nothing but advertising through digital platforms such as Google, YouTube and all other types of social media which are commonly used by people.

In the olden days, paid marketing or advertisements is done through printed medias, display board, pamphlets etc. But after the internet era, people used to spend most of their time on Google, YouTube, and all other types of Social Media.

Importance of Paid Search (PPC).

Few years before we were spending our free time watching T.V and playing outdoor games etc., but nowadays we just spend our free time on social media.Social media has prominent role in marketing. For example if we need any solution related to health, technology, Travel, Automobile etc., we just Google. This makes the importance of Paid Search Ads (PPC)

Based on a Google report every second there are 40,000 searches and when it comes to per day it is 3.5 Billion, this makes the importance of PPC.

•       Facebook has 1.4 billion visitors per day.

•       YouTube has 1 billion watch hour per day.

•       Instagram has 500 million visitors per day.

•       Twitter has 1.4 million visitors per day.

So to make our presence on a digital platform and to reach out to more people it is necessary to do Paid Marketing.

Difference between Paid and Organic Search Result.

Organic Search Result

  • If you or your company doesn’t have enough fund for paid marketing then the organic search is better but you need to do research on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Organic search result will be time-consuming because we need to work hard and work constantly on SEO.
  • Organic search result will be static if we are constantly working on SEO so we can maintain our website or services on the top of the search results. So for that, you can hire an SEO agency.

Paid Search Result (ads).

  • On paid search you need to invest money and the amount of money will depend on the competition for the keywords you are targeting.
  • You can achieve immediate results if you are investing on paid search because your website or services will appear on top of the search results for relevant customers.
  • Paid advertisement is mostly used for Brand awareness, Start-up companies etc., to reach the desired customers.
  • For paid marketing you need to do research and you should have some relevantskillsbecause while watching your advertisement the person should convert to lead (sales) so your advertisement should be catchy.
  • 5 Amazing Benefits of Paid Search or Paid Marketing (PPC)
  1. Creating Brand awareness.
  2. Targeting relevant customers.
  3. Reaching customers through social media.
  4. Immediate result.
  5. Re-Targeting.
  • Conclusion

So paid marketing is one of the best marketing strategy to boost your business. You need to research about which ads campaign works for your business because there are many types of Paid marketing and strategy, so accordingly you can reach the targeted audience.

Written by – Joby (Intern)

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