Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to marketing done through the medium of social networking sites. Although some companies have their own website ,they understood the relevance of digital social  media as they can be optimized  fully to gain more traffic  for their product or service offerings .Therefore, many business as well as non-business organizations have found it effective to develop a presence online through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter . Which helped them digitally advise their brands and reach out to  more customers across the globe online than old school marketing.

SMM  provides a cheaper and effective way for businesses to reach large customer segment and gain better brand recognition. Social Networking Websites which were introduced over a decade ensures  that  they have already established online communities. Therefore businesses and NGOs (Non- Governmental  Organisations) can easily gain exposure and attention by simply joining these websites and posting their contents for the relevant audience .Organizations can initiate custom social media handles, build their own followers  within these sites by adding users as friends or followers. Many companies attract new customers by providing special discounts  for their product offerings in their social media pages.

Nowadays , since  any company or business can  join a social networking website due to the  ease of accessibility, it will  be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, most companies still rely on web advertising and search engine optimization which are a part of Social Media Marketing to shift  traffic to the their websites.

 Web Advertising is any form of Internet-based marketing. Web advertising consist of  social media activity promotion, email marketing, company website promotion as well as popularizing your company blogs. But typically, when web advertising is discussed, people are also referring to methods such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and display advertising.Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of digital advertisement in which  marketers put ads on an ad platform and pays  the admin of the website every time their ad is clicked..

Display advertising refers to advertising that integrate  logos, text  and images positioned on a website .Display advertisers frequently target users with similar traits to attain a better return on their advertisement.

The key objective of SMM (Social Media Marketing ) is to drive the target segment or the related quality traffic or leads to your website, and blogs, to get them to engage with our services and to increase  revenue with a measurable ROI (Return on Investment).

The key to engagement is:

 1) Identifying which platform your buyers are actually on, and

 2) Fully understanding your buyers (or followers) and providing them personalized quality content. For example, chocolate manufacturer targeting retailers and customers, your content strategy should help meet their requirements. This content information will you help educate the customers ,convert them as well as  increase your brand visibility future prospects.

Social media allows for marketing data  to spread in a rampant manner.Companies can also utilize social networks and social website components (like comment systems platforms) to establish a more personal engagement with prospects ; increase customer loyalty and achieve a proper facilitation of direct customer support whenever customer raises issues regarding their product offering.

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