Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

As we know that social media has emerged as a powerful tool for bussiness to build a strong relation with the customers. It helps them in building brand awarness with customers and to emotionally connect with them.But what else new does they do in this new era of digital world in 2021 ?

The answer to this may be the new trends which upsurge the conventional tools and bring new tactics to target the right audience with the right way. we can have some predictions of these Social Media Marketing Trends 2021 as per analysis which are as follows:

1.Humanization is key

To build trust and to have a long lasting relations with customers businesses need to put efforts in analyzing the emotions which gives them the true picture of what the customers are looking for or expecting from them.

They need to understand that being transparent,supportive,authentic towards customers is what we call it as smart marketing in 2021.

2.Growth In User Generated Content

User generated content seems more reliable and have an influence.Customers as well as brands may find it trustworthy and authentic when it comes to  buy or sell of any products or services. We may see growth in user generated content this year through the platforms like Instagram, YouTube.

3.Advacement In Instagram Visibility

Earlier in November 2020 it was officially announced that instagram would become more search friendly.It been continuously making updations one such is which allows users to search keyword without the usage of hashtag for relevant videos, profiles and posts.

4.Customer Lifecycle Brings Success

As there is uprise in competion in online marketplace it it now is not enough only to runs campaign’s the businesses need to understand the customers life cycle to know at which point in lifecycle they stand with that understanding and insight they need to deliver products and services which brings them maximum gain.

5. Influencers Role in B2B

It is not surprising to notice that within last decade social media becomes so much noisy  that brands may search for innovative approaches to target customers and on of such is influencer marketing. They have understood that influencers whether they are macro or micro influencers comes with the  co created content that acts as a trusted voice and help the brands to reach broader audiences.

With so much of advancements and growth we may say that social media will bring a new methods to do business and massively contribute in the growth of business and that of economy as well. As this our analysis and it may differ as per person to person.

Article on – Social Media Marketing Trends 2021 – Written by – Yash Agarwal – (intern)

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