The Boon Named Social Media Marketing

The world is changing, every minute gifts us with new ideas and new creations. In this developing world, Marketing has held its place and has evolved over time just like our evolving ideas. The prime intention of marketing is to satisfy our needs and wants. Marketing is the most important factor that helps in development of a business.

There are two types of Marketing:

  • Traditional Marketing : Marketing that uses offline methods like newspaper advertising, billboard advertising, broadcast etc.
  • Digital Marketing : Marketing that uses internet and other digital technologies to promote businesses online like social media marketing, websites etc.

 When comparing both traditional marketing and digital marketing, we find digital marketing to be more attractive as it is cost effective, easily accessible, target oriented, flexible and can be edited any time.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Marketing that utilises social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. for promoting business is called Social Media Marketing. An attractive business account on Instagram or Facebook is sure to capture the attention of people. But for this, one has to create an eye-catching account on the respective platform.

Here are some of the widely used Social Media platforms that promote Social Media Marketing explained in brief:

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform which provides its users with many services and options to connect with other people, it is very easy and convenient to use, and used by millions of people around the world. Starting a splendid business account on Instagram is sure to promote your business. By adjusting your account settings accordingly, you can even get to know how many people saw your posts and how many of them visited your page through the post on Instagram.

So here are the steps for creating and maintaining an attractive business account on Instagram:

  • Create a normal account on Instagram.
  • Set the account type to ‘Public – Business Account’.
  • Give a Username(Product name / Company name).
  • Give a catchy description of the product/business as the bio(biography).
  • Post bodacious images of the product/business with creative captions.
  • Give credible contact details or other related details.
  • Always keep the account updated with the latest trends.
  • Constantly check the direct messages.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform through which you can share videos. One can always utilise YouTube to promote their business by posting videos. For this, you have to create a YouTube channel at first and then post interesting videos which are related to your business, you can also share your contact details in the videos. Once people start liking your videos, you will start getting subscribers, and by supporting other advertisements on your channel, you can even get an additional income from YouTube.

Facebook is another social media platform which enables people to connect with each other. Just like Instagram, one can always create an account on Facebook and, post pictures and writings to promote their business/product. Facebook messenger helps you to interact with customers/clients/people who are interested in your business/product. Always make sure to give credible information on your account/page.

Twitter is also a social media platform like Instagram and Facebook which enables you to connect and interact with people from around the world. So one can always create an account and promote their business/product online via Twitter.

Always keep the account filled withcreative,credibleandengagingcontent.Thequalityoftheproduct/businessyouofferwillbeevaluatedbasedonthequalityofthecontentyoupostonthebusinesspage,soitisveryimportanttokeepyourbusinessaccountextra-attractiveinordertogetfollowersandalsotoincreasethereachofyourproduct/business.DoingpaidadvertisementsonInstagram/Facebook/YouTubeforpromotingyourbusiness online isalsopossibleandeffectiveinlettingpeopleknowaboutyourservices.

Atsuchadifficulttime,likethispandemicsituation,manypeoplelosttheirjobsandmanyhadtofacerealhardships.Sopeoplethemselvescameupwithideastosurvivethispandemicandstartedsmallbusinessesintheirinterestedfields,likebakingcakes,makinghandcraf tedgreetingcards,home-mademasks etc., which can be easily done from home. And forthem,themosteasiestandfree-of-costwaytopromotetheirbusinesses from home, was tocreateanengagingbusinessaccountonanysocialmediaplatformlikeInstagram,Facebook,YouTube,Twitteretc. But onemustalwaysmakesuretokeepyourpageupdatedandanew,andtoconstantlycheckandrespondtothedirectmessages,inordertograbtheattentionofthecustomers.

So Social Media Marketing is a real boon that is user-friendly, convenient, effective and productive.


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