Top 10 Emerging trends for Digital Marketing

Top 10 Emerging trends for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been the buzzword for quite some time now and brought out the best for businesses on the electronic platforms. Promotion of products, services and brands through various digital channel have become almost indispensable particularly in the present pandemic situation. In this article we are going to discuss some of the trends that are going to dominate the space of digital marketing in the years to come.

  1. Chat bots

Automated customer communication process has many advantages as the customer is answered in real time. All the preliminary level interaction, information can be exchanged efficiently between both the parties. Also on a later stage individual customer requirements can be worked on at proficient pace. Experts predict 90% of customer interaction in financial institutions will be automated by 2022.

Infact a data from think out with Google suggest that more than 50% of internet users are satisfied with them and around 60% of millennials use them regularly to purchase basic goods.

On the business point of view chatbots cut operational cost by 30% and around 50%of businesses plan to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps.

Hence it goes without saying that chatbots are definitely must have when it comes to digital marketing.

  • Google’s feature snippet

Also known as the no click search, it a non fussy easy method to seek answer to their questions but at the same time it means lesser site visits. Thus the digital marketers need to modify their contents to match the questions asked by consumers and also present them in table or bullet note format.

  • Sustainability

Consumers are increasingly turning towards sustainable product choice and a number of factors determine their choices. According to a global survey conducted by the conference board, companies can attract consumers through a brands eco friendly practices also trust on the company brands products and services favourably influence customers.

Certification from independent organisations about environmental and social practices can enhance a brands appeal in sustainable choices.

  • Images and video searches for SEO

We known that we can search matters by typing keyword but we can also submit existing images for a search or even use original photos and search for context. As more user discover it , the overall landscape of SEO would change.

  • Segregated customer target

This determines the idea of a large number of smaller marketing campaigns targeting specific audience based on behaviour, demographics, shopping habits and preferences.

This ensures more accurate custom made campaign to reach target audience. Other than email lists customers segmentation can specialize ads on various sites, different categories of blog content for varying communities.

  • Area specific SEO

These can be particularly useful for local businesses for people searching specific business with geographical location.

This can be done by signing up with Google my business and by claiming listing or creating a new one. This gives additional information to customers about companies and also incorporate locally important keywords.

  • Microinfluencers

They are average people with more than average social media followers, through contests and giveaways via them can help achieve same numbers at a fraction of cost. This might not be a new trend but it’s definitely effective and will only gain momentum in times to come.

  • Ad blockers

Not all trends of digital marketing are about positive influence. Almost 28% of internet users expected to use as blockers by 2021. This can be an issue for those who heavily really on ads using primary stream of traffic.

The easy way is to adapt to more suitable options like sponsored content also influencer marketing can be a good switch.

  • Inclusivity

Younger audience and marginalised groups are more in favour of optimistic imaging of equality in the contents consumed and also the brands they rely on or intends to make a association.

Digital marketing includes media and subject matters catering to all kinds races creeds and beliefs. It’s only prudence to take note of such preferences and act accordingly.

  1. Facebook may be peaking

As naive as it may sound but the omnipresent social media giant has a huge popularity among all age groups and on an average individuals tend to spend around 35 minutes on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s various features such as agora pulse can effectively be used in customer engagement and data acquisition. Also comprehensive campaign tools like shortstack can be more than handy.

This is a short list of probable trends in digital marketing but it definitely not exhaustive. There can be more emerging trends in the times to come and we can only expect it to get more efficient and precise.

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