Traffic Generation

Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is all about drive New users to your website or blog.

Importance of Traffic Generation :

  • Traffic generation organizes online wanderes and potential customer in one spot.
  • It introduce your company and its offering to potential customer.

Boosting your traffic by following things :

  • Keywords
  • Quality content
  • Social media

Keywords is the foundation of your website or a blog. This keywords are recognized by search engines.

And this is so important because search engines connect you to your potential customer.

Quality content is also an important , keep in mind that webpages must contain quality content. Because no one is going to comeback or visit to your page or website if there isn’t anything valuable.

If you provide something valuable your customer finds useful , helpful or entertaining so they may share it on social media or discuss with friends and continue browsing youe website. All of ths action creat positive impact on your website.

There are many Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn. you just have to engage with your audience for your brand awareness.

Written by – Priyanka (Intern)

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