Web Development

 Web Development

To shed some light on the fascinating era of the Internet, we have given a final introduction to web development and what it takes to become a full fledged web developer.

In this guide, we will go through the basics of web development in detail, and show you the most essential skills and tools you need to sabotage in the industry.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of building websites or applications for the Internet, or for a private network known as an intranet. All the tools that we use on a daily basis via the Internet have been created by web developers.

The Difference Between Web Development and Web Design

We here understand this difference via short example.

Imagine a web designer and web developer working together to build a car: the developer would take care of all the functional components, like the engine, the wheels and the gears, while the designer would be responsible for both the visual aspects – how the car looks, the layout of the dashboard, the design of the seats etc.

Thus, in short, a web designer is the architect, while the web developer is the builder or engineer.

Why is Web Development Important?

You might be a business owner hiring a freelance developer to build your website, a marketer pitching a vision to your development team, or a student learning about development as a career. Regardless of who you are or why considering reading this guide, understanding the basics of website development can be helpful in this technology-driven world.

The internet being going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s become a portal and primary method of research, connection, education, and entertainment in the world.

Which directly converts a huge traffic to internet for everyone’s need. Thus the job of a Web Developer is in great demand and increases with the demand of internet too.

Types of Web Developer

1. Frontend developer

These developers work on the user interface and user experience of whatever project they’re developing.

2. Backened Developer

A backend developer is therefore responsible for building and carrying the technology needed to power the frontend, consisting of three parts: a server, an application and a database.

The code that backend developers create ensures that everything the frontend developer builds is fully functional, and it is the backend developer’s job to make sure that the server, application and database all communicate with each other.

3. Full Stack

Full stack developers work on both the front-end and backend sides of a website. They can create a website, application or software program from beginning to end.


Website developers are synonymous with front-end, backend or full-stack developers.

5. Desktop

Desktop developers specializes in building software that resides on your desktop, such as Mac OS, Windows, and more.

6. Mobile

Mobile developers build mobile applications that reside on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

7. Sports

The game developer specializes in writing code for both video games, console games (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) and mobile games – which allows this feature to overlap somewhat with mobile development.

8. Embedded Developers

This includes electronic interfaces, consumer devices, IoT devices, real-time systems, and more.

9. Security

These developers usually work as ethical hackers and build systems that discover and eliminate security risks.

Let’s discuss some technical skills for web developers

  1. JavaScript
  2. Html5
  3. Web application development
  4. Java
  5. Software development
  6. jQuery
  7. SQL
  8. AngularJS
  9. Css

User Interface (UI) Design

Thus before getting started, it is interesting to get an understanding of the type of web development work – such as user interface design, mobile application development, or front-end development – to determine the best stage for future education and training do.

No specific degree or educational path exists for a career in web development, and it is possible to become a web developer with or without formal education.

A degree is just a piece of paper if you are not practicing it so far. There are also some sites that offer the same course.

1. Codec Academy

2. Khan Academy

3. MIT OpenCourseware

4. Purser

5. Mozilla Developer Network

6. HTML5 Rocks

7. Addition to a list

8. Coding Dojo Algorithm Prep

One can visit these sites and achieve knowledge. It is never too late to start anything only if you decided to start. So, keep practicing and keep learning.

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