What is Google My Business?

Google My Business

Google my business is a free online listing tool by Google. Google allows you to list your business on google my business page which helps you grow your business.

Google allows small businesses to make their online presence by providing a free website which subsequently results in an increase in reach of the business.

But you may be thinking that how GMB will help you or your business?

Here is your answer

How GMB is Helpful for me?

Let’s understand this with an example. For instance, you have a Bakery Shop where you sell cakes and cookies. Now if someone from your area searches “Bakery Shops Near Me”, your shop will be the one which will be shown in the search result which will drive your customer towards you. And this will help your business to increase your sales.

Finally, after finding that GMB will help your business grow, you may be finding how to start will GMB. Following is the answer to your question.

How to set up Google My Business?

Here is a complete step by step process to set up your GMB Page:

  1. Open Google My Business in your browser or click here.
  2. Sign In to your account.
  3. Fill the information asked like your business category, address, etc.
  4. You had completed the setup.
  5. Now fill the information of your business in the Info section.
  6. Hurray! Your Google My Business Page is ready

What if you don’t have a GMB?

You may be thinking that everyone knows about your business in your area so why to set up Google My Business.

Yes, you are true that everyone knows you in your area but, for instance, if someone from another area or city comes finding you or your product, and not being able to find you because you are not traceable online. It will obviously affect your sales.


GMB is a free tool offered by Google to help Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) to have an online presence.

GMB help your customer find you online. It works well when someone specifically finds a product or service in a particular area or city, for example, “Bakery Shop near me”.

So what you are waiting for. Set up your GMB Profile and help your customer find you online.

Writtern by – Hatim Bohra (Intern)

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