What is IT Marketing?

What Is Marketing?

When we want to learn IT Marketing then we have to understand first what the Marketing concept, well marketing is identifying, anticipating and satisfying the requirement of customer, clients, partners and society. In this marketing process (bringing any new product to market) included multiple steps which are: broad market research, market targeting and market segmentation, determining distribution, pricing and promotion strategies, developing a communications strategy, budgeting; and visioning long-term market development goals. The followings are key factors which are considered in marketing fields like: advertising, distribution, selling also includes copywriting, product designing, and brand management, inbound marketing etc.

What is IT Marketing?

It is a perfect combination marketing strategy and Information Technology. There are multiple Information tools like Blogging, Computerized Presentation, Email Marketing, Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Email Communication, Graphic Design Software, Website, Social Media etc. which are used in information technology Marketing. Now a day’s usages of the Internet are rapidly growing. Almost 4.66 billion people are active on the internet which is around 59% of the global population and internet is a great platform for marketing.

Using (Digital Marketing) we can do digitized business on the Internet or online and deliver our product and service more globally, to correct the audience and create a business relationship with future clients.  As we know from past few years the technologies changing rapidly and tremendously, now we have AI, automation tool  products and platforms which are giving more opportunities, also challenges  to us, since more effective information technology marketing is essential. Using information technology marketing we can reach an audience and promote our services and products cheaper, better, and in a faster way which we cannot by traditional marketing. Now in this technology world it is required to go with IT marketing.

IT Marketing

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Which are Important information technology Marketing Strategies?

1. Research

To understand the exact needs of customers and how to satisfy them then we need to go with deeper market research. Market research tells us what exactly customers need and using market research we can define objectives, plans and strategy. Market research data also help us in finding a strategy is working and which is not.

2. Powerful Website

This is the first step of lead generation. More effective websites then there is a chance for more business leads. Website should be impressive, responsive, friendly but also simple and sweet. Websites should be effective in mobile, tablet and computers. Your website speed should be good on all devices. Remember your website is your first salesman of your company and it also represents a company.

3. SEO

Now a day’s search engine optimization becomes a more crucial factor to your business. Every day technology and tools are changing since we have taken more hard work on SEO; it is a patience job but gives long term results. Also targeted on your landing page, it should be effective, simple and responsive.

4. Content marketing

Content is key to your business and it is the king of digital marketing, Content should be effective, Impressive, relative and convincive to the customer. For Google ranking Content is important, or you can say you more online business depends upon your content. Media it is the engine behind your entire information technology marketing strategy, attracting relevant audiences and ultimately generates new business.

5. Social Media

Using social media you can drive more engagement with customers. Social media is the way you can share your content with your audience. Nowadays social media is not only for entertainment but also it is a new platform to promote your service or product in an effective way and to the right audience. The main advantage of social media is that you don’t need to invest more money or you can say it is free but yes whatever you need that  effective content, effective plan and not the least effective strategy. Don’t forget to Stay on top in your social media campaign and create and post engaging content on your all relevant social media platform.

IT Marketing 2020


As we know information technology marketing is becoming more important for small to big businesses. Technologies change rapidly and faster since it will give more opportunity and challenges also. We know information technology marketing is the best combination of information tools and marketing strategy. Using a information technology marketing we can expand business more faster and effective way and good thing is that information technology marketing required less budget since small size of businesses also afford it. In information technology marketing we have work on planning, technology, tools, strategy and market research. This study about information technology marketing is done by us and we cannot say this is a complete study about IT marketing, if you have more information this topic then kindly share or do comments.

                                                                  Written by – Leena Sonawane (Intern)                    


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