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Why Digital Marketing?

In this video MR Marketer explains Why Digital Marketing is important for any business with example.


Why Digital Marketing? – Digital Marketing is satisfying the customer’s needs & wants through internet or online. –

Why Digital Marketing is due to Point 1) Usage of Internet Point 2) Time spend by customer on Internet – Due to these above reasons business companies shifted their focus from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing. To understand this let’s take an Example with comparative case study. Comparison : Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing Example: News paper Point 1) Budget- New paper front page Ad cost almost 22 Lacks for 1 day – but whereas in digital marketing you can run same Ad for almost 1 year Point 2) Scope – The reach of news paper is less that to only some locations where this paper can be read – whereas in digital marketing you can target entire country with same budget Point 3) Audience – In traditional marketing audience not defined properly even Ad can be seen by small kids – whereas in digital marketing you can target right audience with specific device at specific time. Point 4) Media – You cannot change media of the promo once you printed on news paper – whereas in digital media can change in few minutes as per customer interest. Thanks for watching & please subscribe channel & share videos for more updates from MR Marketer

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