YouTube Marketing Trends in 2021

 YouTube Marketing Trends in 2021

5 key YouTube marketing trends for 2021.

“A minute of video is worth 1.8million words – Dr. James McQuivey”

Well, there is no doubt in this statement as it can be seen through the growing popularity of video centric platforms today, especially– YouTube.

YouTube has positioned Itself as a supreme in online video sharing platform and there has not been any single competitive website to it till now. According to YouTube statistics, total number of monthly active YouTube users are 2 Billion. Many individual creators has established themselves in digital space by producing content on YouTube. Also, because of these growing numbers, marketers and business owners has been attracted to achieve maximum benefit through the platform. However, due to its daynamic nature and not knowing what are the latest trends going on, it might be difficult for them to get best possible results.

In this article, we have given 5 key YouTube marketing trends for 2021 that would be helpful for brands and businesses to attain their marketing goals.

5 key YouTube marketing trends in 2021–

1. YouTube ads: Advertisements whether done traditionally(on TVs, newspaper etc) or digitally(such as Facebook,Google add etc)  have always been fruitful for businesses. YouTube also provides feature of advertising on its platform which is different from Others. YouTube ads are cost effective and can reach to more customers easily. Its easy to analyse metrics will help organisations to measure their advertising campaign efficiently and formulating their strategies accordingly.

2. YouTube search engine: Like Google, YouTube also provides search engine optimization on its platform. Everyone wants to rank their videos as much higher as possible to get maximum views. However, youtube search algorithms are highly varying and one may not get the same results using by previous strategies. Therefore, search engine optimizing strategies should be changed time to time. Every platform prioritize relevancy, quality and authority of the content. Businesses can achieve maximum engagement on their videos by working on their strategies properly.

3. Live streaming videos: YouTube’s live streaming feature has emerged as a greater attribute for video marketing activities. Live videos help creators in engaging and connecting with their audiences effectively. Audiences too can avail great advantage as they can chat during live sessions and ask queries/doubts immediately. Going live with the viewers increase trust among them and represent creator’s authenticity and originality. For businesses, live streaming can be an amazing tool to gain new audiences/customers base and in establishing brands genuine reputation.

4. Follower decided content: YouTube’s growing popularity has attracted many people to start their own channel and create content. Hence, this leads to a constantly Increasing competition and made it difficult to capture audiences attention. However, to stand out in the competition, recently a trend of “follower-decided” content has introduced. Creators engage with their audiences and take their opinion for content creation. Businesses can also, for better brand reputation, let their audience decide what they want to see through various tools such as polls, comments etc. This will helps organisations to equip viewers insights and provide relatable content to the audience.

5. Docuseries: Docusearies or documentary series Is a documentary or collection of documentaries presented as a series of videos. These series are of some episodes released gradually. Docuseries provides in–depth and relevant informations about a particular event. These days many famous video creators are diving into documentary storytelling. Businesses can create docuseries explaining about their products/services and their uses by general public. Due to its episodic nature every segment is a complementary to each other which will generate curiosity among audience for the next part. This will ensure people’s regular engagement with the brand.


Every year brings many new trends which is same with 2021. Though, the above mentioned trends can be highly useful, these are surely not the limited ones. There might be another great ideas in the coming weeks or months. Digital platforms are very inconstant and to get greater benefit one must be adaptative accordingly.

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Article on YouTube Marketing Trends in 2021 – written by – Uma Yadav – (Intern)

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