YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

World largest video sharing platform YouTube is the second largest search engine also on the internet.

Youtube seo data says that over 500 hours of video are been uploaded to website in every minute and over 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube platform.

It allows users to upload videos, create playlist, view, rate, share, comment on videos and subscribe to other users for youtube video ranking.

When a user search for a video over web, the results published on search page based on done SEO for YouTube channel.

YouTube SEO involves mainly optimizing your channel, playlists, metadata, description, and the videos for search both within and outside of YouTube.

In general youtube seo tools are just like a traditional seo techniques and strategies which are easier to implement technically in youtube video optimization.

Here are some most common and important YouTube SEO tips to keep in mind always:

1 – Apply the right video thumbnail image to attract the viewer in first appearance to rank youtube.

2 – When creating a title for your videos, be sure to write something compelling and relevant.

3 – Your targeted keyword should appear in the title, description, tags, and in your transcript of video.

4 – Your video transcript must have relevant keywords that indicate what your video is about so that Google can crawl your content and rank you accordingly in search of users.

5 – Subscribers can generate a lot of watch time when your video is published so try it subscribed most through youtube video seo.

6 – Session watch time is another important measurement of user engagement through their views, comments and the actual time spent in watching a video.

7- Make your videos accessible to more viewers on web to get youtube video backlink.

8 – Most important to avoid using YouTube’s automatic captions and add subtitles in other language too will further expand your audience.

Written by—- Amit Kumar Singh (Intern)

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